7 Simple Tips to Run a Marketing Strategy for Beginners

Speaking of marketing strategies, there are many ways you can get from business articles out there. But there is little that can be run, especially for beginners. Maybe you are also quite difficult to carry out marketing principles that have become your guideline.

In this simple article, I try to share simple tips on marketing that can be run by anyone, especially for beginners.

1. Get to know your Customer
Knowing your customer well is the first step you can do in running the marketing process, if this step is done then you will know what your customer needs, and easily for you to provide a solution, this will make sales easier. Make a natural approach as you approach your partner, if you are too hasty, your partner will feel uncomfortable right? This applies also to approaching the customer.

Make them love our products not because they are forced or only because of recommendations from relatives, but make them love our products because they are comfortable, feel valued and really need your product.

2. Plan Your Products and Services

In carrying out a marketing technique, it is necessary to prepare a product plan and service plan, this is summarized by the term business plan or business plan. By planning products and services, you will easily target customers. For example, make packaging or packaging for promotions that match the image of young people if the product you are selling is targeted at teenagers. Customize your product and target, make sure both are relevant, so that you are easy to market the product.
Make services that are super fast and practical, because people will give up using your product if you feel the time is wasted quite a lot just to buy your product.

3. Do Promotion with Natural
As I have discussed above, do a promotion naturally, don't bombard customers with blind promotional techniques, do it smoothly and naturally. Citing sources from Marketing.co.id, the process of running a business is as important as the product itself. Therefore, make sure fast delivery, treat customers with courtesy, give 3S (smile, greetings, greetings), give surprises and comfort to customers, because the power of word of mouth (WOM) is a powerful tool in sales.

4. Plan Advertising Targets and Customer Communication
Planning advertising targets is also one of the important things of marketing, planning ads is not just to get customer attention, they have got marketing advertisements every day, through social media , advertisements on television and other media, so make things more interesting for you get their attention. Use emotional and rational to describe your product, then give them a reason why they should buy your product.

5. Has a Price Strategy
Don't just set the price of the production cost or the difference from the margin, set the price as best as possible, because the price of one of the strong values that will determine your sales going forward. You can do small-scale research to determine your pricing strategy, from finding out competitors' prices to the highest market prices, this is useful for setting prices, the higher the price of your product, the same as reducing sales, if your product is too cheap. will dominate sales. Please specify a good pricing strategy for marketing.

6. Fast Response Services
Usually the term fast respawn is widely used by online sellers, to convince buyers that their service is responsive. But this term applies also to those of you who pursue real business outside of online business . In marketing, responsive services are one of the important factors for sales. Respond to every complaint quickly and well, so the customer feels appreciated and cared for. Brands are easily damaged if they ignore the trust of the customer, this is also very important for marketing.

7. Arrange a Marketing Plan
Start to develop your own marketing plan, make sure all your teams understand the purpose of your marketing plan. Then develop your marketing plan and make sure it goes according to your company's initial goals. Developing a marketing strategy does not always have to be complicated, make it simple so that all teams understand the main objectives of your business plan.

That is a simple tips to develop a marketing strategy that can be run by anyone. The marketing strategy is not only about 'forcing' buyers to buy our products, but about how to provide solutions with unique and interesting delivery methods to get their attention, so the sales process will be very easy.
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